Event-driven week

by Rinat Abdullin The last week started as planned. First, I implemented a persistence for a simple chat service, then moved forward with multi-master design for application nodes. In this design each application node can handle any request the same way. This approach: simplifies the design; does not prevent us from partitioning work between nodes […]

Happy Friday E03 : Catching up with the Team

We didn’t record for a while. In this episode, hosted by Pieter Joost van de Sande, we start catching up with the material and interesting things encountered since the last podcast. Download: Episode03.mp3 Show notes Docker benchmark results from Pieter Ginkgo and Gomega (BDD Testing) Video about behavioural analytics, skydb Numbers everyone should know ETCD […]

Heart of a social web site – messaging

by Rinat Abdullin At the beginning of the last week I had a simple responsive prototype of a chat server. It was a simple in-memory implementation in go, delivering messages and “user is typing” updates instantly over long polling http requests. Obviously, a single server chat application wouldn’t be enough for HappyPancake.com. We want to […]

Getting back to the basics

by Rinat Abdullin By the beginning of the last week I ported infrastructure for event-driven design (with aggregates, projections and in-memory views) from C# to golang. However, later on it was agreed that going through the event-driven modeling is yet not the fastest and simplest route to the working code. So this code was completely […]

Change of plans

by Rinat Abdullin Last week I came back from the vacation after spending 10 days in snowboarding school. It was a lot of fun. Monday came with the change of plans in our team. Tomas and Pieter realized that although our planned architecture looks really awesome (with all that messaging and dynamic component switching) it […]