Emergent Design Faces Reality

by Rinat Abdullin Last two weeks were packed. We are working hard to have a limited prototype of the application ready and available for a demo in June. So far things look really good for the schedule! Collaborative design process We chat frequently with Pieter, discussing things small and big: starting from component design to a naming choice […]

Tactical Domain-Driven Design

by Rinat Abdullin Our last week was extremely exciting! I started merging bits of my reactive prototype into the document-driven prototype of HappyPancake that Pieter was working on. While at that, we spent a lot of time discussing the design and iterating over it. It was really cool to see how the structure of the […]

Reactive prototype

by Rinat Abdullin Last week, as planned, was quite short but very interesting. Development of the reactive prototype at some moment hit a complexity point where a dead-simple hacky approach could no longer work. Although go language (with its simple flavor of behavior composition) allowed to go pretty far on that route, in order to […]