Scala Theorem, Modules Refined and RabbitMQ

Our system is event-driven in nature. Almost everything that happens is an observation of some fact: message-sent, photo-liked, profile-visisted. These facts are generated in streams by users interacting with a system. Due to the nature of human interactions, there is little concurrency in these streams and it is ok for them to be eventually consistent. […]

Our First Demo

by Rinat Abdullin We finally had our demo last week. As it always happens in practice, nothing went according to the theory. Unexpected problems Two big problems surfaced right before the scheduled demo time. First of all, RAID on one of the production databases (HPC1) suddenly died. This required full attention of Tomas, taking him […]

Almost Demo

The error of my ways We are getting closer to the demo date, which is scheduled to be next Monday, and I did a big mistake last week. Instead of thinking for the whole team I focused only on the design and backend development. It would’ve been better if instead I tried to go out […]

MVP Features

by Rinat Abdullin This week we were pushing forward major features missing from Minimum Viable Product for the demo in June. The progress was quite good, even ahead of the schedule. I attribute that to the design we came up with for the project. Pieter focused on introducing infinite scrolling to our feeds: alerts, news […]