Delivering Features and Tests

Last week was quite productive and exciting. Introduction of use cases into our development cycle worked out really well, helping to deliver tangible features in the absence of tangible UI to target (node.js front-end development is paused till Tomas gets back from the vacation). These use cases so far: serve as high-level behavior tests aligned […]

Smarter Development

by Rinat Abdullin Shorter Feedback Loop We have a continuous integration server responsible for running tests on code pushed to the repository. It is more diligent than humans and always runs all tests. However, in order to see build failures one had to visit a build page (which didn’t happen frequently). Our builds were broken […]

Distributing Work

A season of vacations starts. This week was the last time when our team was online at the same time. Tomas takes a vacation starting from the next week. Pieter is probably going to take his as soon as he gets through bike exams (wishing him the best of luck). I’ll travel to Georgia next […]