Native Performance

The highlight of the last week was switch from pure Go driver for PostgreSQL to a wrapper around native library jgallagher/go-libpq. Pure Go driver seemed like a nice thing in the beginning (no need to bother with native dependencies or header files), however it turned out to bee too immature. Confusing error reporting for connection […]

Back from the Vacation

It is good to be back from the vacation. Not only you feel rested, but you also get to see all the cool things done by the team. Tomas and Pieter focused on pushing forward seeding utility that takes data dumps from the production systems and transforms it into the events for the second version […]

Data Extraction, Use Cases and Favorites

by Rinat Abdullin Last week I was simply developing in a pleasing and steady way: alerts – clean JSON API and more use cases to verify its behavior; diary – clean JSON API, more use cases and support of member blocking; chat – more use cases; like – clean JSON API and use cases; favorite […]