Back from the dead!

All right, Rinat has pushed me for a few weeks now to bring up the blogging and summaries again! And I do agree its about time! Last week Pieter and I had a few really good pairing sessions where we tried to create a top-notch component structure where logic (js), layout (css/html) is packed together […]

Reactive User Experience

Last week I focused on implementing some requirements related to reactive user experience. That is basically about things that make the users feel as if they were working with a native desktop/mobile application.

Web Development – the Good Parts

Last week was dedicated to front-end development. We made some nice progress there, thanks to LazoJS framework and Jason Strimpel himself. This framework, supported by the entire Node.JS ecosystem, makes development quite simple even for somebody so unexperienced in UI like me. Of course, Node.js has some drawbacks. For example, its performance is worse than […]

Getting Started with Node.js

by Rinat Abdullin I spent the last week learning Javascript, Node.js and some of the ecosystem. JavaScript : The Good Parts and Node.js: Up and Running were a good introduction into the field. It is surprising how diverse and rich node.js ecosystem is. I think, this could be attributed to the language itself. JavaScript is […]

Features, Use Cases, Rendr

by Rinat Abdullin Last two weeks went fast. I mostly focused on the backend, rewriting some of our older modules (register, draft, review and auth) to match JSON API requirements and covering them with use-cases. Missing edge cases were addressed as well. There were also a few technical features, affecting the entire codebase. First of […]