Switching to ReactJS and Facebook Flux.

During the last 3 weeks we evolved our understanding of frontend stack. LazoJS worked quite well in the cases that I dealt with. These were mostly simple feeds like news, inbox or conversation. However, it created some complexity and overhead for Tomas and Pieter as they explored encapsulation of UI elements and their reuse. In […]

Feeds, Chat, Online list and CSS

Last week I focused on the user interface, rebuilding features from the first UI demo. This time the code was much better, though: all benefits of LazoJS framework are built-in; less memory leaks and unexpected behavior (last UI prototype stuck there), for example all views explicitly unsubscribe event handlers before being unloaded from the DOM; […]

Rendr, Lazo, Flux, Backbone

Many people have opinions on node. Its not the pretties language in the world. Callback hell can create complexity out of the simplest use-cases. But it is seriously going strong. Sometimes I’m wondering if we will have another javascript in the browser. Crockford said that we need to have otherwise we did a pretty terrible […]