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Awesome feedback

2014-02-07 - Posted in Uncategorized Posted by:

by Tomas Roos
This week has been a terrific week at the R&D team. When we set sail at 1 of february none of us were guessing that we would be having so much fun!   I’ve always been repetitive about that our lead goals are creativity, simplicity and making sure that we don’t base decision on assumptions! And this week only  7 days into the project more or less we have nailed it.   It didn’t actually stroked me until I was on the subway on my way home that. During our online conversation I just shouted something out which was completely off our plan and out of scope of complexity and reasoning. Quickly both Pieter and Rinat started to talk to me to understand the reasoning behind it and we took of the discussion further to conclude that yes, we’ll do that just not right now.   After it sank in for a few minutes I just had to interrupt them again with another discover of some other effects of actually performing this.   We all agreed that this will probably become another key factor in our architecture.   Later when Rinat went offline (he’s 5h+) Pieter and I continued the discussion and we actually made a enormous breakthrough interms on simplicity.   It all started with a crazy idea -> We managed to reduce the idea to something much less complex (from 1 week until 3-4h) -> And are now trying to prove the outcome with measurements Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 17.53.17

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