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Back from the dead!

2014-09-29 - Posted in Uncategorized Posted by:

All right, Rinat has pushed me for a few weeks now to bring up the blogging and summaries again!

And I do agree its about time!

Last week Pieter and I had a few really good pairing sessions where we tried to create a top-notch component structure where logic (js), layout (css/html) is packed together and can be reused arbitrary the surroundings.

This allows us to write for instance 1 Like button, the looks may change but the behaviour and the the usage of it will still only be one component. This create a great possibility to test small context as well.

We actually did achieve this in a really clean and performant way as well.

Why we ended up doing this was mainly because LazoJS has a concept called synchers which alls your to do fan in from multiple http end points in the backend. Since we have a api which does a lot of denormalization and copying of data we can always answer a query for a particular view with only 1 http request.

What happens then is that need to *on the fly* create model instances in Lazo / Backbone which seems to be a bit rougher than expected. But in the end it turned out very well. Bit thanks to Jason Strimpel for answering a lot of emails.

On HPC1 the current platform we added new features for the autumn in hold for the new release which is coming up to Sweden in beginning of next year.

Like on public photos, private photos, portraits also this week ability to send credit for a great presentation text is planned.

We also changed the strategy how ads are rendered in service which caused us to get the time to display down significantly by approaching the well known cached iframe / friendly iframe methodology which many people are suggesting.

We had some feedback from IE users that it affected their browser history within these iframes, which caused them to no be able to use the back button! A really serious problem which has not appeared again without a change from our side. This means that it will pop up again and we’re suspecting that individual ads cause some kind of hash change?

We changed the algorithm for how mail offenders are collected (spam watching). I wont go through the details but the summary is that we will have much less false positives which the new approach which is good both for the users and the supervisors.

Another big problem we currently have in the current ASP.NET solution is the double post hell. It seems many users get double posts happening when they submit content to our backend. During this week we’ll try to remove FastClick by FTLabs in order to see if its causing this problem with the combination of ASP.NET default postback mechanism.

Another thing is that we will reintroduce Glesys Loadbalancer service to avoid the overhead of handling the connections by ourself. First our will be the image delivery!

I will try as well to get a sync with Rinat in order to align our ideas about frontend after the great work he has been pushing so far!

That most of it at least! This weeks looks really exciting to be honest!

By the way notes from the IOS 8 release of Safari. It now handles scroll events like it should by doing it concurrently instead of waiting for scrollend.

But there is still not fix for position: fixed and inputs! Which makes me really sad, I was really hoping that they would have adopted the standard spec here as well. What happens now is that we probably need to do inner overflows with -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch of a main div. The *only* thing that will break is the ability to tap on the browser header to scroll to the top.. Known issues but so worth ranting on.

by Tomas Roos

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