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Discovering the things we value

2014-02-03 - Posted in Uncategorized Posted by:

by Pieter Joost Van de Sande
Hurray! As of today I am officially part of the Happy Pancake development team! Happypancake is the largest dating site of Sweden, and is also rapidly growing in other countries. Together with a small team of highly motivated and clever people I will endeavour to develop the next version of the software. I already spend a few days with the team and I am currently learning the things we value. Here is the unordered list I came up so far after reading through reference material and discussing things with the team:
  • The work environments foundation is trust, which is gained and maintained through hard work, honesty and collaboration.
  • We don’t try to predict or forecast the future with planning, but rather earn customer trust by delivering high quality software in a fast and sustainable pace.
  • All up-front work is high-level and very conceptual and should just be done to just a direction to aim for. It is all about doing, deploying, discovering and steering and should be realtime as we do our work.
  • The direction of our work is led by clear long term business goals.
  • We value requirements that emerged and consider the once decided on up to most likely be wrong.
  • Work is done in small and concrete steps with a clear goal which provide fast feedback to make sure we are always in control and continuously deliver value.
  • We design our system with change in mind and break it down into atomic components with a clear goal that work together in harmony.
  • Components are written in the programming language that suits them most and consider the language to be an implementation detail.
  • We value innovation and believe that it is best driven by experimentation.
  • Choices we make, and implementations we created, are never set in stone and are continuously monitored and reevaluated.
  • Business metrics are continuously monitored and are considered to be a good form of acceptance testing.
  • Everyone in the team is a product owner and is responsible for all aspects of the software.
  • We automate as much as possible to make sure we can keep spending our time on the parts where we add most value.
  • Most of our work is done asynchronous and therefor we communicate by chat and pull requests.
  • Assumptions are considered dangerous until challenged.
  • Everything that gets released will be measured for success.
  • All measurements should be, or strongly relate to, one or more business goals.
  • Failing is good, as long as we learn from it and do it fast.
  • Success is good, as long as we learn from it and do it fast.
  • Technical debt will not be tolerated because we want our pace to be stable and to be in control at any point in time.
  • We believe that the best way of managing people, is allowing them to manage themselves.
  • We consider software development to be an endeavour which can be fun!
I am really looking forward to the journey and feel fortunate to be able to work in an environment that values the things listed above!

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Denis 6 years ago

Nice points. 🙂
Good luck, and have really fun on the project.


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