Designing our stack for high throughput and low latency.

by Rinat Abdullin For the last week I spent most of the time pairing with Pieter, learning more about our the performance and behaviour of our anticipated stack (for the second version of HappyPancake.com). It was thoroughly interesting exercise in systems engineering. Here is what our anticipated looks like right now: With this design we […]

Introducing fsd (function statsd)

by Tomas Roos We’ve just open sourced a very tiny library which is a improved (according to us) statsd client for golang. It does internal connection handling, retry logic, no instances (global in the scope of a process). It tries to return as fast as possible by sending stuff on a buffered channel instead of […]

Evolving the stack and learning nanomsg

by Rinat Abdullin Last week with HappyPancake was my first full-time week with the team. Time flew fast and left me wishing for more. I explored nanomsg (glorified sockets) and how it is used in golang. nanomsg is going to be our communication layer between components within the app, hence understanding its usage patterns was […]

Awesome feedback

by Tomas Roos This week has been a terrific week at the R&D team. When we set sail at 1 of february none of us were guessing that we would be having so much fun!   I’ve always been repetitive about that our lead goals are creativity, simplicity and making sure that we don’t base […]

Discovering the things we value

by Pieter Joost Van de Sande Hurray! As of today I am officially part of the Happy Pancake development team! Happypancake is the largest dating site of Sweden, and is also rapidly growing in other countries. Together with a small team of highly motivated and clever people I will endeavour to develop the next version of the […]

Getting started with FoundationDB

by Rinat Abdullin During the last week at HPC my focus has been on FoundationDB. FDB is a nice NoSQL database which has a bunch of great properties: It stores key-value pairs of bytes, where keys are always sorted. You have usual GET/SET/DELETE operations along with range operations that come from sorted key nature Multiple […]

Moving forward with golang

by Rinat Abdullin After a couple of iterations we settled for the go language as the primary language for rewrite of happy pancake from C#. Ideally we’ll converge on Haskell later (that’s something I would really like, due to the powerful type system and high suitability for capturing domain models). However, for the time being […]

Language is an implementation detail

by Rinat Abdullin Although everything about working at HPC is interesting, last week was quite peculiar on its own. There was an interesting discussion about use of async pub-sub messaging for communications between micro-services. That’s what Fred George does, for example, with event messages. However, command messages have their own value as well, due to […]

My First Weeks in the Team

by Rinat Abdullin I recently was kindly invited by Tomas Roos to join dev team of HappyPancake – large swedish dating site that needs to grow beyond it’s current implementation in .NET + SQL. My starting days in HappyPancake were quite intense and interesting, despite the fact that I could spend only 20 hours per […]